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When it began more than 30 years ago, the Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program was unique, developed in response to requests from business executives and corporations that recognized the importance of maintaining the good health of their leaders. Since then, thousands of executives each year have discovered the unique characteristics of this program that was developed in respect to the fast-paced lives of today’s top executives. 

MyCare's Executive Health service brings a new level of convenience, accessibility, and reduced cost structure to Executives across the country by conducting the initial Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program requirements within the Recognized Referral Facilitator (RRF) clinics throughout Canada.



  • standardized Gender and Age Specific Protocol – as outlined in Mayo Clinic material
  • 50+ includes a screening colonoscopy
  • 60 to 90 minute in depth consultation with the coordinating internal medicine specialist
  • interview based on completion of Mayo Clinic medical questionnaire submitted by client – supplemented by medical file
  • efficient scheduling 
  • streamlined agenda
  • additional specialist consultations/testing as deemed necessary – potential extra costs
  • Executive Health Examination tailored to meet each executive’s needs – based on family history, symptoms or concerns



  • comprehensive medical history interview as outlined above
  • screening tests for early detection of cancer, heart disease and other serious conditions
  • life style assessment – nutrition, stress management, alcohol, tobacco, personal safety and other indications of disease risk
  • standard Protocol of Services reviewed annually by Executive Health Leadership to offer current, evidence-based healthcare services
  • Mayo Clinic patient number assigned to each member
  • access to Mayo Clinic patient app
  • medical file access via Mayo Clinic portal
  • review and update of medications and immunizations including international travel requirements – potential extra costs
  • if desired – vision, hearing, dermatology consult, stress management counselling, cosmetic surgery consult, orthopedic consult, and any others required – potential extra costs
  • Prenuvo Whole Body MRI (one every two years), provided by Aim Medical Imaging: includes comprehensive report and digital copy of images


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