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The MyCare Insurance Program offers Canadian policy holders an unprecedented health insurance benefit featuring medical expertise from Mayo Clinic. When diagnosed with a serious illness or major orthopedic concern, MyCare offers you and your family access to a timely first or second medical opinion from Mayo Clinic, and if required, additional diagnostics, on-site care or treatment at a Mayo Clinic campus (Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ; Rochester, MN; Jacksonville, FL.)

Policy holders under the MyCare Insurance Program will not be required to seek treatment options in Canada regardless of whether the recommended treatment is available in Canada.

MyCare Insurance program introduces you to a lasting relationship with Mayo Clinic, providing peace of mind that in the event of a serious illness you and your loved ones have access to efficient and compassionate world-class medical care. Medical opinion, collaborative consultation and treatment at Mayo Clinic are covered through MyCare Insurance program in cases of serious illness and major orthopedic diagnosis.


MyCare does not interfere in emergency medical care or medical services already scheduled in the public system.

MyCare is subject to a pre-existing condition clause


† MyCare is underwritten by certain International Insurers



At its core, Mayo Clinic practices medicine based on one overriding value passed down from its founders: the needs of the patient come first. This philosophy has instilled a culture of caring and has guided Mayo Clinic to excellence since its founding more than a century ago. Click here for more information. 

Mayo Clinic quick facts:

  • Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit organization that cares for over half a million people each year
  • Canadians have been traveling for care to Mayo Clinic for decades. Currently, thousands of Canadians travel each year to Mayo Clinic’s campuses in Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida
  • Mayo Clinic is the first and largest integrated medical group practice in the world
  • Mayo Clinic employs over 3,300 physicians and scientists, representing virtually every subspecialty of medicine
  • Mayo Clinic employs over 49,000 administrative and allied health staff
  • A team approach is the hallmark of Mayo Clinic’s approach to patient care, grounded in the firm belief that collective expertise is what best serves patients
  • Patients are served at any of Mayo Clinic’s three campuses that include full-service hospitals and extensive outpatient clinical facilities: Rochester MN, Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ and Jacksonville FL

For more information visit Mayo Clinic. 

Building a Lasting Connection to Mayo Clinic

Subscribers to the MyCare Insurance Program will have access to Mayo Clinic health information and Mayo Clinic programs. The MyCare connection with Mayo Clinic provides education and information on healthy living.

  • Information that will keep you up to date with advances in diagnostics, treatment and procedures for serious illness
  • Access to e-newsletters
  • Special pricing on valuable approved healthcare products and services

Quick Facts and Highlights of MyCare Insurance Program

  • No medical underwriting or exam is required
  • Medical costs are paid directly by MyCare to Mayo Clinic
  • No deductibles or co-payments are required
  • Travel expenses are included (see policy for coverage amounts)
  • Coverage is provided to age 75
  • Payments are eligible for Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) or Health Spending Account (HSA) tax-deductions
  • MyCare Insurance Program is subject to a pre-existing condition clause*


Efficient and Compassionate Medical Care

MyCare Insurance Program provides the affordable peace of mind that you and your family deserve. Our health insurance complements the existing Canadian health care system to help achieve the most successful patient outcomes.

* Services are not available for diseases or conditions that were already diagnosed or for which you have received treatment prior to becoming a policy holder.

Contact Us

The goal of MyCare is to provide access to medical services by world-renowned Mayo Clinic in the case of serious illness or major orthaepadic conditions. We value your feedback and will take the time to carefully review your questions and submissions regarding MyCare programs and our website in general.

For questions, concerns or other requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

MyCare Insurance Program
Phone: 1-877-497-9495

MyCare Insurance Program
PO Box 36045, Lakeview RPO
Calgary, AB T3E 7C6


  • Thank you for giving me peace of mind during my claim. You were amazing to work with. I would recommend this to my friends and family so they can rest assured there is help out there!

    Nancy B., Winnipeg, MB

  • I was uncertain where to turn when I received a diagnosis of cancer, but then remembered that my employer implemented MyCare coverage for our entire company. Thanks to MyCare for stepping in and easing my stress while providing options.

    George D., Victoria, BC

  • My daughter was recently diagnosed with a life threatening disease so we contacted MyCare right away. Upon review of her medical file and MRI scan, it was determined that she merely had a pinched nerve causing similar symptoms to that of MS. I thank my husband every day for pushing me to get a second opinion from MyCare.

    Patricia H., Kelowna, BC

  • MyCare assisted me with getting a diagnosis within a few weeks when my condition had not been diagnosed for over 6 years. I am fortunate that my boss added MyCare to our benefits as it literally saved my life!

    Christine F., Toronto, ON

  • I was initially skeptical about MyCare until I was recently told that I had a medical condition in which I needed to see a specialist. The wait was over 8 months and totally unacceptable so I contacted MyCare. They were able to assist me in a matter of weeks and got me a diagnosis without any further delays. I'm not sure what I would have done without them.

    Betty E., Regina, SK

  • The team at MyCare were extremely helpful while dealing with a breast cancer scare which turned out to be less severe than originally thought.

    Joan O., Windsor, ON

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